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    One of the best streamers built with high standards, fully functional including DAC and preamplifier section! It is six years old, recently replaced the 2 tubes offered in close to-mint condition. The original carton, remote control, and power cable are included! We give a six-month warranty and one for the tubes! The shipping cost is charged to the customer.
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    Ayon audio : Triton PA

    Triton PA is a very strong, perfectly build heavyweight power tube-based amplifier, capable to drive many and enough big speakers! It has been used carefully by the first owner for 5 years! We can give a 12-month warranty for the amplifier and 1 month for the tubes. The original booklet and carton are included. Shipping is not included at this price.
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    Ayon Stealth : DAC/Preamplifier

    This  DAC ( full-function preamplifier also) is offered in 100% operational status including 8 months warranty which is covering the main DAC and 2 months for the tubes. Shipping is always charged to the purchaser
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    Ayon audio: Black Raven speakers

    A perfectly made speaker, made in Austria. An easy load, for every tube amplifier,( 91db -4ohms) with a  3D spacious sound full of details and dynamics! The speakers are showroom demo 25 months old and in mint condition. They can be shipped in the original cartons. The shipping cost is not included in this price.
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    The famous, current model, CD 35 II (standard version ) is a 12-month-old demo unit in our showroom. The player is in mint condition used for approximately  450 hours. We give a 12-month warranty for the DAC  (only one for the tubes) Shipping is not included
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    Audioquest : NRG 1.000- 0,9m

    A real bargain and a very well build power cable suitable for your power or integrated amplifier! The condition of the cable is perfect with new batteries.   The shipping is charged to the customer.
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    A never used XLR cable (1,5m length )  is offered now  The Shipping is not included in the price.
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    Διατίθενται σε πολύ καλή κατάσταση 9  τεμάχια των 2 εκατ. & 6 τεμάχια των 3 εκατ. πάχους. Η κάθε τριάδα   πωλείται 60 € . Υπάρχουν  3 original κουτιά όπως φαίνονται στη φωτογραφία .
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    A power cable with fast open and natural character is offered in a really perfect condition.2 items are still available.
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    Martin-Logan: Descent subwoofer

    Martin -Logan Descent: One of the biggest, functional subs which meet high-end standards! Offered in mint condition, used carefully for a few hours only! The original carton is NOT available . We could arrange a new professional packing if it asking . Shipping is going to be charged to the customer.
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    Houston mini 1998

    A rare mini tube amplifier (12 watts) is offered in very good condition! All original parts and tubes  are included! The amplifier is ordered with recently installed el 84 Valvo & ecc 83 Svetlana .
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    DENSEN B 110 -Black

    Slightly used for 3 years only by the first owner! Fully operational excellence!  No visible scratches ( except one so minor on the front panel seen on the uploaded photo) No remote control and original box are available. Shipping will be charged extra!BTW: A very well build carton with protective foam is included.


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