Lumen White

new light on sound
loudspeakers continue to be the weakest link in today’s high end sound systems, underperforming current state of the art electronics by significant margins due to their complex electro mechanical nature.

lumen white precision monitors are cost-no-objective developments aimed at closing this performance gap and advancing the state of art in dynamic transducer design towards a more realistic reproduction of the original music event.

from their introduction in 1999, our loudspeakers have stirred up the audio industry by delivering instantly obvious, magnitude superior performance, earning them an unprecedented string of superlative reviews, expert endorsements and prestigious industry rewards around the globe.

holding ultimate reference nominations for nearly a decade now, they are providing our clients not only with unsurpassed performance and timeless decor but superior ownership value.
pure silence – magic sound
lumen white speakers merge musical instrument design, artisan craftsmanship and edge-of-the-art technologies. they offer superlative low noise and ambient retrieval, signal transient speed and resolution, ultra wide bandwidth with vanishing passband ripple and outstanding spectral purity, octave to octave energy equilibrium and freedom from compression and energy storage effects.

engineered to be time, phase and resonance coherent, they reveal music`s complete natural gestalt, from its most subtle details to the most complex crescendos, against a background of magically pure silence.

unprecedented precision and freedom from parasitic resonances and masking effects make our loudspeakers vanish completely behind the music, connecting the listener closer to the original event than ever before.
musical truth – sonic beauty
lumen white speakers are designed to complement high quality front end equipment, being fully transparent to the upstream chain.

adequately driven, their truthful nature portrays music with such naturalness, depth, purity and ease, that renowned reviewers have lauded them as one of the best audio components of all times” and “most probably impossible to improve upon or surpass”.
master instruments for music

lumen white loudspeakers incorporate century old arts of master musical instrument design and construction with edge-of-the-art acoustical research and technologies, resulting in superlative sonic realism and purity.

on the basis of proprietary psychoacoustical research we develop visionary drivers, cabinets and custom components, featuring some of the world’s most advanced materials, technologies and designs.

these costly and difficult to produce components stand at the very edge of the art when compared to the best transducers of all times, from the fabled legends of the past to the present.


instrument grade cabinets
the superlative performance of our driver arrays is complemented by highly advanced cabinet acoustics .

as traditional damping technologies cause a clearly audible loss of musical information, we have developed new, signal-preserving alternatives. the same applies to the majority of fiber boards, industrial composites and bonding technologies which dominate today’s speaker manufacturing, even at the high end. acting as absorbers, they cause transient time smear and a loss of musical information or feature a psycho acoustically unbenign spectral signature, leading to perceptional stress, listening fatigue and ownership dismay.
cost-no-objective materials and construction

our cabinets are instrument grade, cost-no-objective constructions, made from proprietary formula plywoods and solids of several centimeters strength, based on comprehensive research into the spectral signatures, resonance properties and energy storage effects of multiple woods, metals, composites, bonding technologies and geometries.

their naturally curved shapes follows function, fusing century old instrument building expertise with cutting edge airflow, pressure- and wave propagation research. their design allow for a dramatic reduction of parasitic resonances and detrimental pressure effects, supporting outstanding driver precision, rise- and settling times and resonance patterns which are both minimal, natural and coherent, rendering them psycho acoustically “inaudible”.

this freedom from conventional euphonic masking effects make way for a profound new dimension of wholeness and realism of the musical presentation itself.


minimalist crossover design
lumen white loudspeakers employ highly minimalist, phase- and time domain optimized crossovers, engineered for maximum spectraland time domain integrity of the signal. their design takes into account widely ignored energy storage, field cross coupling and resonance interference effects in circuits, components and layout.
art, science and beauty
development and production of lumen white audio products originate from a dedicated love of music and follow the traditions of the master musical instrument makers of yore.

combining avantgarde acoustic research, state of the art materials technologies, they excell in liberating music from the boundaries of technology and let its true beauty shine.

lumen white audio products
are designed by lumen white research group in monaco and
switzerland and manufactured under license in the eu.

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