The Kampschulte Hifi Dynasty

It all started in 1924, when our grandfather opened one of the first broadcasting companies in Germany in Neheim Hüsten. At that time one called the devices still people receiver. Since the transistor was not yet invented, all devices were built in tube technology – wonderful. In the 70’s, our father took over the business. He was one of the first hifi pioneers in Germany and virtually the living Köchelverzeichnis. In his spare time, our father built and played organs and synthesizers and was a member of the German audio tape club.
Instead of Schlager, my brother and I grew up with Wagner, Bach and Kraftwerk, through our mother Janis Joplin got a strong shot, and so our life was already marked out. At a young age, both of us (voluntarily) started making music, and it accompanies our lives to this day.
In the late 80’s, I took over my father’s business and expanded the hi-fi department towards high end. Were those times when the men were still allowed to buy telephone booths similar speakers!
In the 1990s, it became more and more difficult to survive with a small business in addition to the large specialist markets. My brother worked in the industry for Vincent, Supra and Finite Elements. I was astray and ran an electronics store.

Since 2005 we are back on the right track and pursue our passion for music. LOFTSOUND was initially planned as a pure recording studio, but the hi-fi virus never lets you go! Our whole life is characterized by music – be it to play yourself, or to get as close as possible to the music via a hi-fi system.
In 2015, I was able to win my brother for LOFTSOUND and I’m very happy that we can once again inspire music lovers together. We never saw our job as a source of income but always made it out of the joy of music. We have turned our passion into a profession. We are not interested in any test results or profit margins. We are exclusively interested in whether our soul is touched by the music.

Our experience as musicians and sound engineers help us tremendously to separate the wheat from the chaff. And the share of wheat is now unfortunately very small. Nowadays, as much music is consumed as never before in this world – unfortunately mostly in modest quality. Music is about much more than just sounds. It’s about what the music does to us.
Music is a special way to convey the emotions of the artist, the music system is the means of transport.
Unfortunately, these emotions hardly reach the listener. Stinginess is cool, digital technology and the view that a hi-fi speaker is more of a piece of furniture than an instrument has destroyed much here. So we are all the more pleased that it draws many people back to the good old record. Anyone who has ever paid attention to how he feels physically, exposing MP3 music to an inferior system for several hours, and comparing it to listening to records, knows what I’m talking about.

A good hi-fi system can do much more than just play music. We are not only concerned with hearing, we are concerned with relaxation, de-stressing, in short: wellbeing. We want you to experience a piece of holiday every day with the hi-fi system that we put together. From our experience, we find time and again that the women have a much better sense of these things, but unfortunately are a minority on the subject of hi-fi. You do not have to have expertise and have read many hifi magazines to judge which music system touches you and which one does not.

We are pleased to introduce you to this fantastic world of music, with all its positive “side effects”.

Markus & Stefan Kampschulte