Integrated amplifiers

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    Ayon Audio Triton Evo

    A unique amplifier capable to drive difficult speakers to high levels Ayon Dealer Ex-Demo used just for 400 hours 1 year guarantee 1 month for the tubes Comes with original box - Remnote control, Manual
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    Built with very high standards to produce the best possible sound in its category! The condition is perfect including all the original parts. It is only almost one year old. The shipping cost is not included! We give 12 months warranty not including the tubes.
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    Houston mini 1998

    A rare mini tube amplifier (12 watts) is offered in very good condition! All original parts and tubes  are included! The amplifier is ordered with recently installed el 84 Valvo & ecc 83 Svetlana .
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    DENSEN B 110 -Black

    Slightly used for 3 years only by the first owner! Fully operational excellence!  No visible scratches ( except one so minor on the front panel seen on the uploaded photo) No remote control and original box are available. Shipping will be charged extra!BTW: A very well build carton with protective foam is included.
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    Ayon's famous integrated amplifier, Triton II, is offered now in perfect condition, with an almost NEW tube set, as our demo unit. It is around 11 years old and carefully used in our showroom. The original wooden carton is included and the remote control as well! Basic Specifications:  Auto bias system.Power: 2 x 60 watts in triode mode and 2 x 100 watts in pentode mode .Configuration at  4 & 8 ohms.
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    CHORD'S  CPM 2650 (bargain at this price)  integrated amplifier. 2X125 watts(8 ohms-2X170 4ohms) in perfect condition. Not available the original carton
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    Ayon Spark Delta

    The most natural approach of the music :Ayon Spark Delta!  Condition 95%! A great ampl.


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