Ayon Ayon - BlackArrow-SAyon attaches great importance to spatial 3-D reproduction, neutrality, resolution, and dynamics. All these features have been realized also in the BlackArrow-S. The laminated wooden instrument housing and the linear-homogeneous tuning and their minimal phase rotation leave the acoustic colours completely intact. The sound is extraordinarily free and open, highly musical and equipped with a great expansion of the sound. The bass is punchy, sufficiently deep and airy and pours in smoothly into the mid-range. The mid-range section gleams with an excellent resolution of fine details; however, it never sounds obtrusive or cool. A flugelhorn sounds like a flugelhorn but not like a trumpet. Nothing sounds nasal or hollow unless it has been recorded this way. The high-range is reproduced shiny, detailed and transparent. The homogeneity of the sound invites you to long-term listening without getting bored; for the mature listener almost no wishes remain unsatisfied. An absolutely new star on the loudspeaker firmament!
Superior transient characteristics
Flat impedance curve
Easy to drive especially for tube amps
Flat frequency response
Great impact
Low distortion
Perfect time alignment
Excellent phase coherence